MySQL, RedHat and other partners started a new campaign against software patents

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Under the influence of the patent system and big industry lobbyists, the European Union is on the verge of making a huge mistake: to pass a law that would legalize software patents.

If that happens, you will pay dearly. Europe's software industry will fall victim to unscrupulous extortioners. A cartel of large corporations will crush smaller competitors. Consequently, we will all pay more money for less good and less secure software. You personally, your household, your company, your government, all of us.

You'll know when you get the bill. When someone breaks into your computer, reads your E-mails, and steals the password of your bank account. When your computer crashes every day. When spam doesn't stop. When prices go up and companies shut down. When people lose their jobs.

"Chances are that patents on software, common practice in the US and on the brink of being legalised in Europe, in fact stifle innovation. Europe could still alter course."
Deutsche Bank Research

Without software patents, Europe could save costs, foster innovation, enhance security, and create jobs. Thanks to Linux and other open-source software, Europe has the chance to gain independence from Microsoft and other large American companies. However, if the EU allows software patents, then that's the beginning of the end for Linux. Not only for Linux. It's just a prominent example

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